About the Schoolhouse


Margo Schlanger

Margo Schlanger, the Clearinghouse’s director, has been writing about civil rights injunctions, particularly in jail and prison cases, since she started teaching. As she acquired a large collection of materials for her own research, mostly from lawyers handling cases, she began to get inquiries from others who wanted to see various documents. So she decided to index and digitize what she had, to make it easier to use herself, and easier to share. The Clearinghouse began from this seed.

Tamara Shreiner

Tammy teaches prospective social studies teachers at Grand Valley State University. An experienced middle and high school social studies teacher, Tammy has also been a research associate and teacher for the Big History Project and a consultant for San Diego State University’s World History for Us All website.  Her dissertation, Framing a Model of Democratic Thinking to Inform Teaching and Learning in Civic Education, analyzed and compared how high school students and civically and politically engaged political scientists grapple with controversial issues.  She has helped develop the Schoolhouse project and its first lesson plans, and is working with students and teachers to augment the project’s offerings.

With thanks to colleagues and teachers Bob Bain, Amy Bloom, and Barbara Harte.


Conor O’Malley

Conor is the Clearinghouse’s web and database programmer.

UMich Student Contributors​

  • Josh Arocho (Law 2014, Ed 2014)
  • Erin Chapman (Law 2016)
  • Kaitlyn Coverstone (Law 2017)
  • Evan Lum (Law 2017)
  • Laura Page (Law 2018)
  • Jennifer Pinsof (Law 2017)
  • Rebecca Williams (Law 2017)
  • Margaret Vogel (Law 2020)
  • Joseph Park (Law 2021)